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HYENA Released By Hyder Gola Of Aries Films – Films Review 

N.K.G. Productions’ HYENA (Hindi) is a rape and revenge story of a sexy model Nehaa (Priyanka Vishu) who lands up in a posh locality which also has a swimming pool. The film is a showcase of promoting Priyanka Vishu in a big way and it succeeds. The film’s plot is reminiscent of too many old films with the same theme and has been handled very well by director Sumit  Roy King. Most of the actors are from Telugu screen and the film’s Telugu version is expected to do very well. Performancewise, Priyanka Vishu tops and she reminds of Ramya Krishna in almost every frame and she acts very well too. Her bikini scenes and the swimming pool scenes are lengthy while her bathing scenes have been filmed to titillate the masses. The drama sould have been much better. The music is ordinary. The climax is as usual with Priyanka killing the four vilains in a dreadful manner. The villain who is killed with the lamp post, shoved from behind is the best killing scene of the film. Production and technical values are good. Camerawork( Veena C. Anand) is very good.  Editing is good.

On the whole , a film for the masses to be enjoyed and will fetch some shares from the B and C centres. Opened on 20th January in over 50 cinemas of Mumbai territory with Alankar,Mumbai being the main theatre with four shows daily.


The film’s first look was held on 5th October at Aishwarya Hall, Oshiwara, Mumbai which was attended by leading media personnells, distributers and marketing consultants who appreciated it. The film ( whose revised version was passed by censors in Mumbai with A certificate ) is being produced by Naresh Gupta (who has produced four Telugu films already and all have been released) and is written and directed by Sumit Roy King. Priyanka Vishu , a leading model who has acted in few South films is introduced in the female lead in this film.  DoP: Veena C.Anand. Editor: P. Srinivas.


No BIG Hoardings..No BIG Events…NO PRODUCER XTRA XPENSES..No BOGUS SHOWOFF..No theatre Rents..Yet Release in MUMBAI CIRCUIT with Good Response…Aries Films Hyder Gola release

“Ashley” A Romantic Thriller Film – Review

“Ashley” movie cast: Rishi Bhutani, Gurleen Chopra, Dolly Chawla, Mohit Baghal, Dinesh Hingoo and Shakti Kapoor.

Movie director: Keval Singh.

Movie producer: Swatantra Goyel (Savi)

Star: Three and half.

Film grips you right from beginning, it is a story of a singer Ronit who falls in love with Ashley, but after realizing that she is a criminal, leaves her, but after three years when he has become a star singer and is already married, Ashley returns in her life like an haunted angel, entire story revolves around these three characters and a police officer played by Shakti Kapoor. Acting wise all Rishi, Gurleen, Dolly has lived their character with adequate support of Shakti Kapoor. As producer and creative director Swatantra Goyel has made a good entertainer, Keval Singh’s direction is Ok, screenplay & dialogues by Goyel and Mir Muneer is catchy, music by Dushyant Dubey is up to mark, camera by Kapil Gautam is excellent, Mohan Baggad’s action is thrilling.


फिल्म “एश्ली* एक रोमांटिक थ्रिलर फिल्म है।

“एश्ली” के कलाकार: ऋषि भूटानी, गुरलीन चोपड़ा, डॉली चावला, मोहित बाघल, दिनेश हिंगू एवं शक्ति कपूर।

निर्देशक: केवल सिंह।

निर्माता: स्वतन्त्र गोयल (सावी)

स्टार: साढ़े तीन।

फिल्म शुरू से ही दर्शको को बांध कर रखने में सक्षम है, यह कहानी एक ऐसे गायक रोनित की है जो फिल्म की नायिका एश्ली से प्यार करता है, पर जब उसे पता चलता है की वो एक अपराधी है, उससे दूर चला जाता है, तीन साल बाद जब वो एक स्टार गायक बन चूका है, और शादीशुदा भी है एश्ली उसके जीवन में एक ग्रहण की तरह आती है, और फिर शुरू होती है एक रोमांचक थ्रिलर कहानी, जिसमे शक्ति कपूर इंस्पेक्टर के रूप में अहम् भूमिका निभाते हैं। ऋषि भूटानी, गुरलीन चोपड़ा और डॉली चावला ने किरदारों को जीया है, निर्माता और क्रिएटिव निर्देशक के रूप में स्वतंत्र गोयल (सावी) ने एक मनोरंजक फिल्म बनाई है, केवल सिंह का निर्देशन संतोषजनक है, मीरमुनीर की कहानी रोमांचक है, संवाद और पटकथा भी बेहतर है, दुष्यंत दुबे का संगीत बेहतरीन है, कपिल गौतम का छायांकन ख़ूबसूरत है व मोहन बग्गड़ का फाइट संयोजन काबिले तारीफ है।

Review of film MY FATHER IQBAL

Film “My Father Iqbal” a must watch film.

“My Father Iqbal” movie cast: Narendra Jha, Komal Thackar, Paresh Mehta, Raj Sharma, Amit Lekhwani, Sagar Nath Jha, Sudam Aftab Khan & Kumar Vaibhav.

Movie director : Suzad Iqbal Khan.

Star  star

Film grips you right from beginning, and as the story moves further, you start looking for someone from your neighbour or persons whom you know in the characters of the film. This is the creativity and beauty of director Suzad. Also the lead protagonist Narendra Jha proves to be an actor who can handle any type of character he plays, other actors Komal Thackar, Paresh Mehta, Raj Sharma, Amit Lekhwani, Sagar Nath Jha, Sudam Aftab Khan & Kumar Vaibhav have lend adequate support. Script by Abinash Singh Chib, Sagar Nath Jha & Suzad Iqbal Khan is noteworthy. Camerawork by Ananta Gille is quite impressive, the scenic beauty of Kashmir is well picturized, and music by Biswajit Bhattacharjee and Varun Agrawal are treat for years supported by soulful voices of Aman Trikha, Shahid Mallya, Uvie, Asa Singh, Divya Kumar, Anamika Choudhary and Debomalya.

poster-my-father-iqbal-2-copy poster-my-father-iqbal-30x40-1-copy

Last but not the least kudus to Yash Corporation and producer Paresh Mehta for making this thought provoking film.


Directed By : Devendra Kumar Pandey

Written By : Dhiraj Mishra
Banner : Giriva Productions
Cast :- Govind Namdev as Bal Gangadhar Tilak  – Abhijit Bhagat, Sanjeet Dhuri & Manoh Bhatt as Chapekar Brothers

Features film on History like Bhagat Singh and Jodha Akbar in past have Critically got much acclaims in past. And one thing is commonthat End of these films couldn’t be Happy Ending because we all know what the History is.

Now Talk on Third Release of September 23rd , which is based on Life of Unseen but True Freedom fighters known as CHAPEKAR BROTHERS.

m_chapekar-brothers-6 m_chapekar-brothers-5

m_chapekar-brothers-4 m_chapekar-brothers-3

m_chapekar-brothers-2 m_chapekar-brothers-1
Who are three Chapekar Brothers, What contribution they had in History of Independence. Well to begin with Three Chapekar brothers from Town PUNE wanted to join Army to do something for country , But because of their Brahmin by Birth – They are told not to join and do Bhajans.
Then Chapekar brothers meet an well known Scholar Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Govind Namdev) who motivates them that not to join British force, instead make your own army and do something for your country.
Also, That time Pune was suffering from unusual  disease called Plague which Britishers took advantage of harassing them.

On seeng these Chapekar brothers decided to stop this and they killed British Deak Mr Diang , and so because of two scoundrels (Who being Indian gave news of Chapekar brothers hiding ) they got arrested. rest well History tells.

Obviously when History contradicts, It’s bit obvious that we can change the system, Characters have to well designed as if we watching Year 1899.

Govind Namdev has given million dollar performance.
Abhijit Bhagat excells in his role.  All other artiste have done full justice to their respective roles. Dialogue good at places. Editing sharp. Photography good.
Review Priyanka

Days of Tafree  (Review)  Freshness of College Canteen .

Directed By : KrishnaDev Yagnik
Produced by :Anand Pandit, Rashmi Sharma
Cast : Nimisha Mehta, Ansh Bagri, Sanchay Goswami, Sarabjeet Bindra, Anuradha Mukharjee

History tells that Love Story with freshness have created waves in Bollywood, Weather it is Sunny Deol – Amrita Singh starrer BETAAB or Aamir Khan – Juhi Chawla starrer QSQT or recent Hrithik Roshan – Amisha starrer KNPH. Also can’t forget recent Monjoy Mukherjee’s Hai apna dil to Awara which also created magic at Silver screens. Now lets see our next Release this Friday 23rd Sept- Rashmi Sharma s Days of Tafree which is a remake of Gujrati movie by the same director KrishnaDev Yagnik and also introduces new Freshness to Bollywood.
Days of Tafree will remind us of our Golden College Days which are now just fresh in our hearts.From Bunking lectures to Attendance sheets, To break silence of Library to College Canteen, Ragging to imitate Professors and so on- I think the list never ends.
The Tagline In Class or out of Class is Clear cut Fun frolic story of Last Benches , which I  think we are all part of.

Days of Tafree in Short is a story of Four friends who are differnent in their own terms ” Last Benchers as usual” – Vicky , Nikhil , Suresh and Daljik Aka Dulha.

m_days-of-tafree-poster m_days-of-tafree-poster1
Vicky is a spoil brat who throws money like anything and gets shout from his father rarely when he Does not sees work & falls for any girl where as Nikhil is obedient Boy and looks after his Business and is madly in Love with Pooja whom he can never propose.

Suresh is another character who leaves Home with Dad by Oil in head and formal cloths & Comes to College washroom and Changes the entire Attire. Dulha is a Fat guy who speaks less But never tell lies, Well this is our TAFREE Gang who will Cherish you with your Masti which will go live with College days uch as Guns and Roses , Pink day and so ever.
Review : Four stars to film By Priyanka Raina – Obviously Firstly to see such a Frsh film which also brought memories Live within us.

On the whole this film will be liked by the masses and classes as well. Its very good relief  after a long time.
Candid review by Priyanka

Review: YEH KAISI HAI AASHIQUI’’ A Melodic Horror

“YEH KAISI HAI AASHIQUI’’ a melodic horror, is a story that centers around a crorepati  Kumar (Rajdeep) who is aged 55 years old. The heroine Sukhbir Lamba (Kamini) is a stunning girl of 20 years and has a heart for Kumar (Rajdeep) . She falls for him and desires to get married to him and be his Queen. . Kumar’s (Rajdeep) daughter Priya (Shipra) who lives in America is not in favour of her brother Kumar’s (Rajdeep) relationship with  Kamini (Sukhbir Lamba). Kamini (Sukhbir Lamba) out of her love for Kumar (Rajdeep) starts to produce a film with him. But during the shoot, Kumar (Rajdeep) gets a heart attack and collapses. There are many twists in the film..

Rajdeep as the main hero and Sukbir Lamba as the main heroine have played their roles very effectively and their performance has been extensively cherished. Sipra Gaur as daughter of Rajdeep too has done an amazing work and she has earned applauds for her portrayal as daughter to Rajdeep the hero and Sukhbir Lamba the heroine.

review (11)review (10)

review (7) review (1) review review (2)

review (4) review (8)

review (9) review (6)

The other artistes Atul Soni, , Atmaram Tripathi, Vandana Rawal, Swati Mukherji, Gokul Baraiyya, Sandeep Sharma, Raju Baruchi, Shakil Doctor, Sachin Rajputm Gula Sheikh, Ravi Dutta, Shobhana Ben, Firoz, Ramlakhan Sharma, Arjun Bharuchi, Nikulsingh Chudasama, Raj and Babu have all enacted to much contentment.

Story-Screenplay by Zameer Khan (Rajdeep) is spellbinding while the direction by Subhash J Shah is dexterous. The film is produced by G Jain Bhai & Vandana Rawal.

Dialogues by Suresh Joshi are powerful while the Music by Shiuvam Bagchi, Lyrics by Amitabh Ranjan & Mahil Paldhvi are harmonious.  Cinematography by Hitesh Beldar is enchanting and Editing by Aniul Patil is slick. Action by Ilyash Sheikh is to be raved about, while Choreography by Ram Devan-Ashwin Master is gratifying, Art by Nasreen decorates the film.

Playback Singers Mamta Sharma, Palak Muchal, Pamela Jain and Zahir Raj have all crooned the songs very expressively and the songs are sure to be adored by the music lovers.

‘’YEH KAISI HAI AASHIQUI’’ is a film where love turns evil with soul emotive melody to be watched by one and all.

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