WEE’s Grand Pre-Festive Exhibition

“WEE’s Grand Pre-Festive Exhibiton” was organized on 11th October 2018 at Sahara Star Hotel by “WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave” by Chaitali Chatterjee, the Founder of the organization. The Event gave opportunity to Women Entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products.

WEE is an interactive platform and forum for Women Entrepreneurs to grow their business together. Presently WEE has more than 1200 members in 6 cities, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Nagpur, Pune and Bangalore. WEE helps business women to scale-up their business. It not only helps established Business Women, but also helps aspiring new Women Entrepreneurs to get them projects and establish their own firms.


WEE members enjoy benefits of Networking, getting platform to promote & sell products and services, Start-up Counselling Sessions, Wealth Management Sessions, Media and Marketing assistance, Financial Assistance (By getting Connected to Investors), Motivational Sessions, etc.

The Event was inaugurated by Mrs. Nandita Om Puri, Head of Om Puri Foundation who was Chief Guest at the Exhibition. It’s Media partner is Navbharat and Navrashtra, and Web partner is Wonder Web World.

Other celebrities present at event as Guest of Honor were Merlin Dsouza, India’s Leading Woman Music Director, Bollywood Actress, Director & Producer Ms. Sajni Srivastav, TV and Theatre Actress Ms. Roma Navani, Mrs. Asia 2017 & Social Activist Pinky Prashant Rajgariah, Ms. Bharati Chhabria – Celebrity Fashion Designer & Vice President, BJP Mahila Morcha, Best Selling Author Ms. Neelam Kumar, Mrs. Anjali Rajput – Mrs India n Mrs Universe Asia Queen 2017, Ms. Nidhika Behl – International Bestselling Author & Celebrity Life Coach, Ms. Ranjana Ghoshal – Personal Branding Coach, Dr. Bhavi Mody – Health Evangelist, Blogger, Ms Shradha Salla – Celebrity Tarot Reader & many more….

“वी का शानदार प्री-फेस्टिवल एक्सहिबिशन”।

“वी” का शानदार प्री-फेस्टिवल प्रदर्शनी का आयोजन ११ ऑक्टोबर २०१८ को सहारा स्टार होटल में ‘वीमेन इंट्रप्रेनर्स एन्क्लेव’ द्वारा किया गया, जिसके संस्थापिका चैताली चटर्जी हैं। इस आयोजन का उद्देश्य महिला उद्दमियों को एक ठोस प्लेटफॉर्म देना है, जिसके जरिये उन्हें व्यापार में व्यापक अवसर प्राप्त हो। वी के पूरे हिंदुस्तान में १२०० से ज़्यादा सदस्य हैं। इसके मीडिया पार्टनर नवभारत एवं नवराष्ट्र हैं, व वेब पार्टनर वंडर वेब वर्ल्ड हैं।

ओम पुरी फाउंडेशन की प्रमुख श्रीमती नंदिता ओम पुरी, मुख्य अतिथि रही, साथ ही गेस्ट ऑफ ऑनर महिला संगीतकार मर्लिन डिसूज़ा रही, इनके अलावा अन्य मेहमान बॉलीवुड की सजनी श्रीवास्तव, एक्ट्रेस रोमा नवानी, मिसेज़ एशिया २०१७ पिंकी प्रशांत राजगृह, भारती छाबरिया, लेखिका नीलम कुमार, अंजली राजपूत मिसेज़ इंडिया २०१७, निधिका बहल, रंजना घोषाल, डॉ भावी मोदी, टैरो रीडर श्रद्धा सल्ला एवं अन्य।

Filmmaker Abhik Bhanu’s second book – Stool Pigeon – on celluloid as Khabri 420

Writer-director-producer Abhik Bhanu is back with his second book ‘Stool Pigeon’. The book published by Okada Aims is being successfully marketed by e-commerce giant Amazon. Priced at Rs. 199 with 264 page paperback, it is termed as the best fiction novel and is anticipated by the book lovers who are emerging in more numbers.

The book provides a bird’s eye view on the poor in India in an unfettered manner exploring the bare underbelly of the Indian socio-political ecosystem.

Buzz is that the filmmaker Abhik Bhanu is gearing up to make his book ‘Stool Pigeon’ for celluloid. The Hindi feature film is being titled as ‘Khabri 420’ and is in its pre-production stages. Bhanu has earlier made films like ‘Sab Kuch Hai Kuch Bhi Nahi’ revolving around Mahatma Gandhi and it has received several critical acclaims after being screened at various film festivals. His forthcoming films ‘Dark Rainbow’ based on his own book and title and the other one ‘Gun Pe Done’ is in its post-production stages.
‘Stool Pigeon’ a.k.a. ‘Khabri 420’ is a love story between a police commissioner’s daughter and a police informer (stool pigeon). Like its paperback version, the film will also highlight the heinous acts of children at NGO shelter homes, especially girls including the disabled ones pushed into flesh trade. It highlights real-life stories that have been published in the media with burning issues from Kolkata (West Bengal), Muzaffarpur (Bihar) and Devaria (U.P.).

Re-discover magnificence in the traditional art forms of India, as Shibani Jain curates an exclusive event at the Baaya Design

Mumbai 11th October 2018: An epitome of heritage, culture and opulence; Baaya Design, a home decor store, and design studio hosted an event dedicated to art and wellness of the mind. To showcase the philosophy of ‘old things do not become extinct’, this boutique store organized an engaging session by Farhana Vohra- licensed Heal your Life workshop leader. Madhoo Shah- actor, Mr. Kiran Nagarkar- writer and applauded architects Zubin and Krupa amidst eager enthusiastic design lovers.

The afternoon began on a spiritual note as the esteemed guests of honor undertook the lamp-lighting ceremony. Succeeding the ceremony, Farhana Vohra introduced Shibani Jain, CEO, and Founder, Baaya Design where the latter took the opportunity to enlighten the audience about the purpose and inception of the store. She added, “My travel expeditions led me to discover the traditional art forms and the talent that is hidden in every nook and corner of India. We at Baaya, aim to offer the Indian audience with exceptional ancient craftsmanship in the form of contemporary products and also contribute towards the welfare of the skilled artisans of India.” On a similar note, she also emphasized various objects of art and explained the symbolism behind the tree of life.

Elaborating on the current trends in interior design, the celebrated architect Zubin said, “The biggest trend is to de-clutter a space and add elements that give a personalized essence.” Talking about incorporating designs inspired by the heritage and culture of India, Krupa expressed, “One should incorporate Indian culture to cherish it and not merely for face value.” On the joyous occasion, Shibani announced the launch of the ‘Ocean Pearl’ range which is inspired by the sea, corals and various influences from life under water.

As the event progressed, the guests awed at the fine craftsmanship and high quality of Baaya’s diverse products. From wall arts and soft furnishings to accessories and jewelry; every product at the store was a true amalgamation of traditional and contemporary elements.

To highlight the theme -‘Positive Psyche, Positive Me’, Farhana Vohra preached the audience about the art of positive living. To achieve this, she carried out various activities with the guests, which enabled them to learn the bigger ideologies of life in the simplest manner. Emphasizing on the aspect of positive intelligence, the master of reiki said, “Happiness is not a destination. It is a journey.”

With this interactive and insightful session, the event marked its end. Not only did the guests take home insights about the world of art and Karigri but also rejuvenated themselves with mantras to leading a positive and happy life. As a token of appreciation, the team at Baaya Design offered gift bags to its guests for extending their support and love.

2B Radio Devotional App decides to remove all contents of Big Boss contestant Anup Jalota

Exclusive News by Fame Media

Association with Anup Jalota on 2B Radio platform lasted for not more than two years because of massive outcry from ardent devotees to remove promotional material and songs of Anup Jalota because of his appearance in big boss house with young Jasleen Matharu.

The reactions from listeners of 2B Radio started from first week of September when Big Boss commenced it show but the management of 2B Radio were reluctant to disturb the listening session of 15 million users having more than 3 lacs average daily listeners across the globe because of some personal reasons of somebody.

However with incessant outburst by devotees, we are forced to remove unwillingly our popular show “Bhajan Amrit” conducted by late Rajesh Johri and Anup Jalota.

The primary reason to pull out the program from 2B Platform is evident that the listeners who are devotees could not accept the personal side of “Bhajan Samrat” which has been witnessed in Big boss program.

We started getting negative feed back from the very first day when he came out with his relationship with Jasleen on the big boss show.

His statement that their relationship started as “guru shishya”, in vogue is having girl friend etc. probably hit the sentiments of his devotional fans and aggravated the situation beyond control. To intensify further, the outrage of the viewers accelerated when Anup Jalota sang the bhajan of Meera “aise lagi lagan” eying Jasleen .

2b Radio CEO Dr Kaajal Rohira says that “Anup ji was very supportive with us at 2b radio and he is a very good human being but we had to respect the sentiments of our viewers as his devotional fans have not accepted his this personal side with Jasleen which is showcased in the big boss house”.

2B रेडियो डिवोशनल एप्प ने बिग बॉस के प्रतियोगी अनूप जलोटा के हर गीत को अपने एप्प से निकाला।

टू बी रेडियो और अनूप जलोटा का साथ दो वर्ष से ज़्यादा नही चल पाया। अनूप जलोटा के भजन प्रेमियों ने अनूप जलोटा के बिग बॉस के घर में नवयुवती जसलीन मथारू के संग शामिल होने पर उग्र विरोध जताया।

भजन प्रेमियों के रिएक्शन टू बी रेडियो को सितम्बर के प्रथम सप्ताह में ही मिलने शुरू हो गए थे, परंतु उस वक़्त अपने पन्द्रह मिलियन उपभोक्ताओं को, लगभग औसतन तीन लाख रसिको को इससे वंचित नही रखा।

पर जब लगातार भजन प्रेमियों का विरोध बढ़ता गया, तब उन्होंने अपने लोकप्रिय प्रोग्राम “भजन अमृत” जो स्वर्गीय राजेश जोहरी व अनूप जलोटा द्वारा प्रस्तुत किया जाता था, उसे तत्काल रूप से हटाने का निर्णय लिया। दरअसल टू बी प्लेटफार्म पर भजन प्रेमियों को अनूप जलोटा का जसलीन के साथ रिश्ता और उनका बिग बॉस में शामिल होना, नही भाया, उन्हें इसमें एक भजन गायक का चरित्र हनन होता हुआ दिखाई दिया, इसलिए जबरदस्त विरोध के चलते यह फैसला लिया गया।

ऊपर से अनूप जलोटा का पहले जसलीन को अपनी शिष्या बताना, तत्पश्चात उसे अपनी गर्ल फ्रेंड के रूप में दर्शाना भजन प्रेमियों के भावनाओं को ठेस पहुंचा गया। सोने पर सुहागा हो गया अनूप जलोटा का भजन जिसमें वह जसलीन को निहारते हुए मीरा का भजन गाते हैं ‘ऐसी लगी लगन’।

टू बी रेडियो की सी इ ओ डॉ काजल रोहिरा का कहना है “अनूप जी एक बेहद अच्छे इंसान हैं, और काफी सहयोगी भी, परन्तु हमें अपने दर्शकों की भावनाओं का भी सम्मान करना होगा जो अनूप जलोटा और जसलीन के रिश्ते से आहत हुआ है।

Dassehra Sad Song viral on Social Media: Niel Nitin Mukesh Investigating Her Wife Tina Desai Murder Case

Love has its own miracles every day, such as weakening the strong, and strengthening the weak, also turning everything topsy-turvy. One such incident is seen in Bollywood’s upcoming movie ‘Dassehra’. After the release of the film’s trailer, everyone thought the movie is about actor Neil Nitin Mukesh investigating the suicide case of three girls found dead in a hostel. But after the release of the song ‘Aeri Mayi Re’ sung of Ustaad Rashid Khan, one can see the Actor investigating his wife’s murder too, played by actress Tina Desai who is in the role of the Superintendent of Police.

Romantic songs in Bollywood are now getting a classical twist with ‘Aeri Mayi Re’ from the movie ‘Dassehra’ . ‘Aeri Mayi Re’ just seeps through the senses and touches the heart every time you listen to it. Real music is a combination of resonance of lyrics and sound. ‘Aeri Mayi Re’ perfectly portrays this combination. Actors Neil Nitin Mukesh and Tina Desai look beautiful in their characters. Their chemistry as a love couple makes you fall in love with them.

Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh is seen heart broken and distressed upon the death of his love interest played by Actress Tina Desai. Their love and bonding looks unbelievably real. ‘Aeri Mayi Re’ sure hits the right romance chords in every listener’s heart and soul.

———-Abhishek Dubey (PRO)

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