55 top social entrepreneurs who participated in Tiranga Challenge on Social Media felicitated with Noble Asian of the Year Award.

Keval Kumar of Leo Media Digital is also one of the awardees.

The digital frame of Tiranga Challenge went viral countrywide on Social Media in the ongoing month of August. An idiosyncratic idea was floated through this digital frame of using it along with the profile picture, planting a tree and challenging three other friends to plant a tree. This movement was launched in the beginning of August and rapidly caught attention of hundreds of people on Social Media and they started following it.


Beauty pageants, eminent social workers, doctors, businessmen and professionals from all over India joined this movement and planted a tree to support the cause.

Top 55 people from across the country who helped to spread the movement pan India were felicitated by Noble Asian of the Year award on 15th August at Auro University auditorium, Surat.

Mayor of Surat Jagdish Patel, MLA Sangita Patil and Corporator Rupal Shah graced this elite occasion as Guests of Honour.

The developer of this quirky idea Dr Vimal Rathi and secretary of Awareness Trust Pravin Vora quoted that they were happy to connect so many Indians with each other for the noble cause of Go Green through this digital frame, and more happier to see the plantations being done across the country because of the ongoing Tiranga Challenge.

Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha Research Center: ISKCON’s new frontier in the field of Education

Radhanath Swami Maharaj, Founder of BVRC and GEV  Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha Research Center (BVRC) Inauguration of the Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha Research Center Affiliated to University of Mumbai

Shri Vinod Tawade, Hon’ble Minister of Education,  Govt. of Maharashtra,

Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha Research Center: ISKCON’s new frontier in the field of Education

With thousands of unemployed engineering, science and commerce graduates and with rampant corruption raising questions about the integrity and work ethics of the employed work force, the nation is looking for innovative and effective alternatives in the field of education.

An initiative in this direction is being taken by ISKCON as it is setting up the BhaktivedantaVidyapitha Research Center (BVRC) for facilitating study, research and application of ancient Indian philosophical traditions and their theology, arts and sciences aimed at development of a holistic and harmonious society.

ISKCON, one of the leading spiritual movements of the world recently celebrated its golden jubilee and in the past 50 years has taken several initiatives for interfacing with the academic community and contributing to the dialogue on world peace, environmental protection and cultivation of human values. Institute of Vaishnava Studies in US, Oxford Center for Hindu Studies at UK, Bhaktivedanta College at Budapest and Hungary, Bhaktivedanta Research Center at Kolkata are notable steps in this direction.

Another frontier in this direction was achieved when the Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha Research Center at Govardhan Ecovillage in Mumbai was affiliated to Mumbai University as a Research Center in the subject of Philosophy in June 2018. The BVRC has been granted permission to start PhD programs in Philosophy starting from the academic year 2018-19.

The BVRC has been founded by HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj, a renowned spiritual leader, community builder and author. The BVRC began its operations in 2012 and started a two-year intensive study course on ancient Indian philosophical literatures such as the Bhagavat Purana at ISKCON’s farm community called Govardhan Ecovillage in Palghar district of Maharashtra.


Courses run by the BVRC are already in great demand all over the nation and it is running courses in eight cities across India. The BVRC’s academic model is like a lotus with the central whorl as the Philosophy & Theology of the ancient Indian philosophical traditions. The petals represent the fields of sciences such as Ethics, Emotions, Environment, Entrepreneurship and Efficiency etc. and fields of arts such as Sangeet, Nrtya, Natya, Chitrakala, Shilpakala, Yoga, Ayurveda, Vastu etc.

The institute is expected to emerge as a world-class research center in the field of philosophy. Chairman of BVRC Shri Gauranga Das Ji said that BVRC has a systematic program of education and research, with special emphasis on applying the knowledge for betterment of self, society and surroundings.

The institute aims to help students realize their true potential, through a unique educational model which abstracts and applies traditional wisdom for the modern context.

KAB!R M LOVE ( Kabir Ali )

Guru Shalini Sharma Agnihotri’s Students Presents Bharat Natayam Programme In Mumbai

गुरु शालिनी शर्मा अग्निहोत्री के डांस डायरेक्शन में भारत नाट्यम का प्रोग्राम

मुंबई के बोरिवली वेस्ट में स्थित प्रबोधनकर ठाकरे ऑडिटोरियम में भारत नाट्यम के एक प्रोग्राम का आयोजन किया गया था. गुरु शालिनी शर्मा अग्निहोत्री के स्टूडेंट्स ने यहाँ परफोर्म किया. इस प्रोग्राम में डांस डायरेक्शन और कोरिओग्राफी गुरु शालिनी शर्मा अग्निहोत्री की थी.


यहाँ कई विशेष अतिथि भी मौजूद थे. जिनमे शिशुपाल सिंह (एक्स चेयर मैन सेंट्रल चाइल्ड लेबर बोर्ड , भारत सरकार), श्री विलास विनायक पोतनिस (एम् एल ए), डॉ उमा रेले, श्री राहुल रेले (असिस्टंट डायरेक्टर नालंदा डांस रिसर्च सेंटर) इत्यादि शामिल थे. यहाँ गेस्ट ऑफ ओनर थीं निर्मला सामंत प्रभावलकर. श्री योगेश पटेल, सुनीला शर्मा, गुल मकई डायरेक्टर अमजद खान और संतोष शर्मा भी यहाँ मौजूद थे. आपको बता दें कि गुरु शालिनी शर्मा अग्निहोत्री एक वर्सटाइल क्लासिकल डांसर और डाइनामिक कोरिओग्रफ़र हैं. उन्होंने भारत और विदेशों में बहुत सारे शोज़ किये हैं. वह देश के अलावा लन्दन और अबू धाबी में भी स्टूडेंट्स को ट्रेनिंग देती हैं.

Family Of Thakurganj Shooting In Progress At Lucknow

‘फैमिली ऑफ ठाकुरगंज’ की शूटिंग लखनऊ में
लखनऊ 2 सितम्बर 2018 रविवार। ‘फैमिली ऑफ ठाकुरगंज’ की शूटिंग रविवार से लखनऊ में शुरू हो गई। इसका मुहूर्त शॉट सिकंदरबाग चौराहे के पास स्थित बलरामपुर गार्डन में फिल्माया गया। इस फिल्म में लखनवी ट्रेडिशनल कल्चर को खासतौर से केन्द्र में रखा गया है। ‘फैमिली ऑफ ठाकुरगंज’ के निर्माता अजय सिंह राजपूत हैं। ‘फैमिली ऑफ ठाकुरगंज’ फिल्म का निर्देशन मनोज झा कर रहे हैं।

लवली वर्ल्ड एंटरटेन्मेंट के बैनर तले बनने वाली फिल्म ‘फैमिली ऑफ ठाकुरगंज’ के पहले दिन यहां अभिनेता सुधीर पांडेय और अभिनेत्री प्रणति राय प्रकाश के प्रसंगों को फिल्माया गया। फिल्म अभिनेता सुधीर पांडेय ने संवाददताओं से रूबरू होते हुए बताया कि यह फिल्म रोमांच से भरपूर हैं और वह अपने किरदार को लेकर खासे उत्साहित हैं। इसके साथ ही मॉडल और अभिनेत्री प्रणति राय प्रकाश ने कहा कि फिल्म में उनका किरदार खास अहमियत रखता है। दर्शकों की आकांक्षाओं पर खरे उतरें इसलिए वह अपने किरदार पर खास मेहनत कर रही हैं।
फिल्म के निर्माता अजय सिंह ने बताया कि ‘फैमिली ऑफ ठाकुरगंज’ अपने में रोमांच से भरपूर अनोखी प्रेम कहानी है। उनके अनुसार फिल्म में प्रेम और विचारधारा के टकराव को बिलकुल नए अंदाज में पेश किया जा रहा है। ‘फैमिली ऑफ ठाकुरगंज’ में सुधीर पांडेय, प्रणति राय प्रकाश, सौरभ शुक्ला, पवन मल्होत्रा, नंदिश सिंह, यशपाल शर्मा, मुकेश तिवारी, लोकेश तिलकधारी, सुप्रिया पिलगांओकर, विशाल सिंह भी प्रमुख भूमिकाओं में हैं। इस फ़िल्म की सबसे अहम बात ये भी है कि इसकी कहानी घायल, दामिनी, अंदाज़ अपना अपना, दबंग, दबंग—2 जैसी ब्लॉक बस्टर फिल्में लिख चुके दिलीप शुक्ला ने लिखी है। फिल्म में संगीत साजिद वाजिद का है जिन्होंने बॉलीवुड पर पहले से ही अपने हुनर का रंग चढ़ाया हुआ है। फिल्म के क्रिएटिव डायरेक्टर प्रिंस सिंह हैं। फिल्‍म के पीआरओ संजय भूषण पटियाला हैं।
——-HUNGAMA MEDIA GROUP (Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala PRO)

Redeveloping With A Style Is My Motto – FAIRMONT CONSTRUCTIONS PVT. LTD.

Fairmont Constructions Pvt Ltd. began with a vision to be one of Indian’s leading real estate developer, contributing towards putting the country on the global map. For almost three decades, Fairmont Constructions Pvt Ltd. and its group of companies are still driven by a passion to create not just liveable structures, but that of designing whole new lifestyles. Our foundation of strong inter–personal bonds has been further extended to our associates, team of dedicated staff and our coveted customers.

Fairmont Constructions Pvt Ltd. and its group of companies have seen major transitions under the leadership of Mr. Abdul Razak Ahmed Chunawala. The young dynamic team of Mr. Sameer R. Chunawala, Mr. Farook R. Chunawala and Mr. Aarif R. Chunawala have been equally responsible in taking the organisation from a real estate developer to a well-diversified corporate house that has made a mark in developing quality residential and commercial projects.

While working towards our goals, our moral obligations to society have been foremost in our minds. Fairmont Construction has made a habit of virtues like understanding the needs of contemporary society and engineering their projects to fulfil these requirements. This results in not only high levels of satisfaction but also helps create a better society leading to a better environment and eventually a better world. No wonder then that Fairmont Constructions Pvt Ltd is the newest symbol of Real Estate and Property Development giving birth to several other ventures contributing to their lateral corporate growth.

Fairmont Constructions is selective in their locations, conscious about aesthetics and particular about functional efficiency of its creations. Its team of dedicated architects and engineers are aware that they are catering to discerning, up–market clientele and put an extra effort to better the best. Surpassing the customer’s expectations has been the norm at Fairmont Constructions since 1986, which has led to the building of an empire, literally brick by brick, proudly providing a home and hearth to the quintessential Mumbaikars.


Arif Chunawala says:” If I get people’s support then no one can stop the Development of SRA.”

At the recently held meeting at Jeevan Jyoth Society ,Worli on 1st September 2018 ,over 500 people came for the meeting . An overwhelmed Arif Chunawala said:” This project is totally for the people’s welfare and I have the full support of these people. Hence, the work will go very smoothly. Also,the participation of all the people is also very necessary.” Fairmont Infrastructure LLP has undertaken the task of redevelopment of Jeevan Jyoth society and its surrounding spread over 17.25 acres in Worli is under the SRA Development Scheme. People were promised new houses after witnessing no progress since over a decade.

Shubhdeep Kar announced:” We are adopting ACP Technology in construction of the Rehab Tower maintaining sheen and stability for atleast 25 years as compared to other rehab structures being built elsewhere in the city which  appear old and weak.”

Arif Chunawala stated about implementation,” After obtaining all necessary approvals, the new Rehab Towers will be ready within four years along with retaining the existing Hanuman Temple and Masjid.”

Fairmont Constructions are speeding ahead with a modern view for the development of various housing societies and are at the moment constructing and redeveloping four prominent building structures viz. Jijamata C.H.S., RamabaiC.H.S.,Jeevanjyot C.H.S and Swami Vivekananda C.H.S., all in Worli area, one of the busiest places of Mumbai City. Already 4,200 members have been registered with the Construction company that is growing phenomenally over the past few years and have become a name to reckon with. Some of the popular housing buildings which speak volumes about the popularity of Fairmont Constructions are Noble KurlaWest, Symphony ,Ghatkopar West, Twinkle Apartments, Santacruz East, Oasis Andheri West, Fairmont Carif AndheriEast, Rehyaan Jogeshwari West,Magnum Apts. JogeshwariWest, Sun-Moon Apts. Jogeshwari West .

Very soon a major announcement will be coming from this construction house which will speak about their ambitious plans which will also be a blend of lot of various innovative concepts which will also give birth to hotels with a commercial hub, may be a stadium also which will be for the welfare of sports persons, children and the youth to look after their health and physique so that they remain fit and fine throughout their life.

——-HUNGAMA MEDIA GROUP (Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala PRO)

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